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cool stuff man... but! distinctions between the brown ground and the building shud be less detailed, i mean it looks like the ground just suddenly becomes buildings...

but hey, everything looks better than some people have done... oh yeah the colors of the objects and background somehow dont mix right....

wat are those blue-red cop crusier looking things?



BenTibbetts responds:



damn doo! nice texture work.

i do say that the nose is a bit too simple and the coloring's too plain but hell, its pretty complex the way its made.

cuda put some other things in the backgrnd 2... its looks 2D in teh bkgrnd to me.


but u got it good with the smoothing and proportioning!

Kinsei responds:

the background is somewhat stagnant. I was thinking of doing some sort of fight scene, but perhaps later.


looks like a nicer looking collage without all the cramped images

and well, its kind of a nice legacy for your 2009 year.

Kinsei responds:

I guess I should put better planning in for the 2010 one, that is if I remember to do it lol
but I think this year I will be keeping better records of my art.

whoa... dood

that reflection on the car's chassis makes it look like the car is transparent or something...

nice texture work man... might wanna get a few greens in there or some yellow stripes on the road...

some parts of it looks cartoonish... ehehehe... [teh effin Inkrediblez!!!]

the piece at the back of the whole image... it looks like the sky is merging with the asphalt... [man, its sooooo effin hard to not make it look like so effin weird!]

just a small thot, just mah thot... myt'v looked cooler if you put it in an afternoon scene [a little closer to evening tho...] the headlights on.

VOTE: 5/5

oh yeah... HAI!

Kinsei responds:

Thank Hikaryuu. The votes and reviews help.
The Background was kind of thrown together in just a few minuets to be honest. :P every one was on my case about my other models and them never having backgrounds. Looks like my temp fix backfired right?
I might end up going for a darker blue later, but as for right now, I'm kind of attached to the brightness.


hahaha... wow this is so funny. teh little friend looks like a Chuzzle. i guess its the background that kinda throwing it off. but over all... its actually quite good.

hmm, this is actually wow.

soldat7 responds:

i never expected to get a wow from you so thank you very much for the compliment .
i know its lacking a background (for now..) but im still learning to use certain techniques in maya (Ncloth,particles,UV-mapping,etc) and i havent had the time to create some scenery yet.

my apologies for the late response.


u seem to have mastered proportioning ... thats a skill very hard to learn in pencil and paper.

but hell, im not a master at cybernetic organisms, but, wat kind of cyborg is this? a computer adjutant or a just some experiment? [hehe, just askin, i could possibly make a story based on this... but well, thats only if you allow meh. XD]

and damn, did you learn by yourself how to draw? or did you take classes? cuz this is shitass awesome, even if it is just basic.


u bin visiting DA havnt u?


quite good with teh SHINE!!!!

just one thing... and ive bin criticized for this alot too... wats up with teh black areas in the room?

wat'd u use for this? it looks good

LittleIzzy responds:

It is the abyss. D:

This project was literally just the floor and two walls of the room. The rest is just nothing, really.

Looks like 3D graphics from 12 years ago...

no offense tho... thats actually quite nice. looks alot like a room in Dark Forces II. well, from wat i remember.

teh sparks looks a bit too monotonous.. what i mean is it has too much of just one color to it.

it a bit plain to the bottom left hand corner, but it better than plain whitespace.

teh cockpit glass could use some transparency... wanna see some of those inboard controlz... :O. possibly some gloss too.

and everything seems to have similar properties other than shape, color, and texture... wouldnt making metals a bit more shiny make it look more realistic? or maybe a battle-damage related texture map added to the MK II's leg?

but then again, im not that big in this either so... those were just mah opinionz...

VOTE: 4/5

Kinsei responds:

Graphics from 12 years ago?!?
how harsh, and after all the nice advice and scouting I gave you, lol
you know this is twice I have had some one tell me that one of my scenes looked like was from a game. Although I guess that is some what of a compliment.
as for that blank part I guess I could stand the leg up right and move it down a little to take up that blank space. I'll work on an opacity map to go on the mech glass and rough up the MK II some more, I did some damage, but not enough obviously.
Thanks for the review my man, and good luck, your now in the portal. I look forward to your progress.

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